Diabetes Destroyer Review 2016 – Scam or Working Guide?

Diabetes Destroyer Review: Diabetes has become a very common disease, which has affected billions of peoples from all around the world, and the number is just increasing day by day at an unstoppable rate. This has become a matter of serious concern. The disease is also known as the ‘Silent Killer’. The reason for giving the disease this name is because millions of people are affected by diabetes but they can’t even tell that they are suffering from this disease until and unless they are diagnosed with it.


Still, today, researchers and scientist have failed to figure out an effective cure for this disease, diabetic patients are usually given medications or insulin that only helps them in controlling the level of glucose in their body, but there are also side effects of those medications. So in short, there has not been any cure discovered for curing type-II diabetes.

What is Type-II DIABETES?

Diabetes is actually of two types – type-I and type-II, out of the two types, type-II diabetes has affected most number of people, type-II diabetes mostly develops in adult and even in children, and the disease affects about 8 out of 10 people.


The disease occurs when our body fails to use the insulin released or in some cases, our body fails to generate enough insulin, which results in more generation of sugar in our blood, which doesn’t get used as energy.

Diabetes Destroyer review:

The Diabetes destroyer is a book, designed by David Andrews ( he is also known for writing another book that goes by the name ‘3 Step Diabetes Destroyer”) and promoted by diabetesdestroyer.com, David Andrews was once also affected by type-II diabetes. The book describes how a type-II diabetic patient can control and get rid of type-II diabetes.

According to the David Andrews, the tips provided in the book will help all the patients who have been affected by type-II diabetes, and eventually, they will be able to eliminate type-II diabetes and reverse it. So, in short, you will not need to use any kind of medications or insulin. After following the plan, your body will be able to create sufficient amount of insulin and the sugar level will also be reduced.

Is Diabetes Destroyer Scam?

Now comes the question of Diabetes destroyer scam, the internet is full of scam and number of websites are only created to cheat and misguide people. As far this product, Diabetes Destroyer is concerned is supposed to be legit and authentic product to go for. Since they don’t ask you to buy further their products which means they are not selling their ebook to trap you. They ask you to follow natural ways which is definitely a good way to go for without side effects. So keeping these thoughts in mind, we can say that;

Diabetes Destroyer is legit!!!

How does the Diabetes Destroyer works?

The books claim to reveal some secrets that Doctors have been hiding from diabetes affected patients. The book can be further broken down into three parts:

A proper diet plan: As we know, type-II Diabetes can happen due to improper and unhealthy food intake. So, the first part of the book focuses on proper food intake and following a good healthy diet plan. The author, David Andrews gives a brief description of some meal plans which will help in bringing down the sugar level in the patient’s blood.

The book also describes the amount of carbohydrate, fats that a user has to include in their daily meal plan, so in short, a diabetic patient needs to give up all the unhealthy food plan and start following the mentioned meal plan.

Increasing Metabolism: As the first part gives you a brief idea on the proper meal plan, the second part focuses on how to increase the rate of metabolism in your body. With the help of this part, a patient will be able to increase and improve the number of insulin developed in their pancreas. The second part also includes 30 seconds work out plan, which will help the patient in bringing up metabolism rate in their body.

The Proper time for meals: This is what most type-II affected diabetic patient are told by doctors. If a type-II diabetic patient is not taking meals at proper time table then they are really helping the sugar level in their body to increase, which is not a good thing to do, so, the author David Andrews also focuses on giving the proper timing for having your meals, a type-II diabetic patient can easily control and reduce the sugar level in their body by taking meals at proper times.

The book discusses various ways, by which a patient can control the amount of  glucose level in their bodies, the glucose level  is the key factor for type-II diabetic patient.

Pros and Cons of Diabetic Destroyer:


  • The things mentioned in the diabetic destroyer eBook is proven and tested by two reputed universities, the first one is the Newcastle University of UK, and the second is the Harvard University of USA. So, the two universities will be not lying about the product.
  • The things mentioned here are not much complicated as some may think, although, some patient will find very hard to follow the first step which is to follow proper diet plan, and give up their improper or unhealthy eating lifestyle, but once a user can go through this, it will be very easy for them to follow the rest two steps, a proper 30 second exercise, and lastly a proper timing for having your meals.
  • The natural ways to weight loss provided in the Diabetic Destroyer book are effective and it comes with no kinds of side effects.
  • A type-II diabetic patient normally takes medications and insulin for controlling the sugar level in their body, but did you know that this kind of medication can also have some kind side effects, but with the tips given in diabetic destroyer any type-II diabetic patient can get rid of this disease without having any kind of side effects.
  • Another big reason why the Diabetic Destroyer is revolutionary is that the tips written in the book give quick results, depending on the patient it may vary very, patients will be able to see the results within 7-10 days, but for some it may take even weeks to see the results.
  • This is another reason due to which a type-II diabetic patient might wanna get the Diabetic Destroyer, if you don’t see any kind of improvement after using the tips given in the book, then you can easily claim your refund, as it also offers the money back guarantee of 60 days.


  • After reading the Pros of the Diabetic Destroyer, you may think that it will give you fast results, and you will be able to get rid of type-II diabetics quickly, but that’s not the thing that really happens in reality. It totally depends on the patient, how disciplined he or she is and how strictly they are following the tips given in the Diabetic Destroyer book.
  • Patience and commitment are also an important thing which a patient will be requiring because the level of glucose may vary in different patients, some patients might be able to get the result within 10-15 days, but for some, it may take even one month to get some improvements.
  • The Diabetes destroyer is only available on eBook, now as we know, the type-II diabetes patient mostly affects adults, so for those patients who doesn’t use a smartphones or laptops, reading the eBook could be a problem.
  • No tips for patient who are suffering from the type-I diabetes, although, their number is less compared to the type-II diabetes patient but, it would have been great if the eBook could have included some tips about the type-I diabetes disease.

What other things you get with the Diabetics Destroyer Program?

Other than tips for reducing and reversing type-II diabetes, the diabetes destroyer eBook also includes other bonus tips which are given below:-

  • Tips for reducing of your aging of your body.
  • Tips for controlling the blood pressure level of your body, well this is another problem which a type-II diabetic patient suffers from.
  • Tips for burning fat of the body, which also increases the metabolism rate of your body.
Final thoughts:

The Diabetes destroyer is basically an eBook, designed by David Andrews, which promises to cure the type –II diabetes disease. The eBook consists of a 3 step plan which will help out the type-II diabetic patient from getting rid and reversing Type-II diabetes from their body.

The Diabetes Destroyer is for those patients, who have been suffering from type-II diabetes for a long period of time. The main reason why a patient should give a try is that the eBook doesn’t prescribe any kind of medications, so a  patient doesn’t need to worry about getting any kind side effects, and it also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

The main thing is that the patient must give 100 % commitment and follow the tips strictly in order to get the results. The eBook mainly focuses on changing your diet plan with a healthy diet, other than that, the eBook also provides tips for increasing the metabolism rate, and last but not the least, the eBook also provides tips on how a patient suffering from the type-II diabetes should maintain a proper timing for having their meals.

The eBook also provides other bonus tips which include tips for controlling aging of your body, blood pressure level of your body.

Results is also a big factor, and it will obviously vary from patient to patient, some may get quick results within 7-10 days, but for some, it may take even one month. So, the patient should not only be committed but should also have some patience.

After buying the eBook if a patient follows the tips for a short duration of  few days, and doesn’t give the required effort then it would be no meaning to buy the book, especially for those patients whose blood sugar level is very high. The Diabetes Destroyer only contains tips, so, it’s not some kind of magic that will start showing results overnight.

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